Saturday, July 25, 2009

Craquele Technique

I have been asked how I did the craquele on my little girl ATC from last week, so I made some little embellishments and took step by step pictures to show you.
First I took some cardstock. I would choose something quite thick, say 3 mm. Try it with various sizes and thicknesses. Thin card can be used, but it buckles a bit when dry. You can bend it to straighten the card, and the cracks are still ok then.
Coat the card with a layer of Tim Holtz craquele. The thicker you coat it the thicker the cracks. The cracks are also thicker and bigger if you heattool dry it, but I didn't want that.
Let it dry for a few hours. Then take a brush and coat it with a colour of paint and wipe the paint off with a rag until you get the effect you want.
Then add your stuff.
Easy peasy.

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